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WATCH: Hilarious Video Shows Biden Trying To Ape Trump’s Tactics, Getting Ignored

While making a recent trip to Pennsylvania, President Biden seemingly tried to imitate the charismatic public appearances of former President Donald Trump.  However, when Biden entered a Pennsylvania gas station, he appeared to be ignored by everyone inside.

Footage captured of the event shows Biden entering the store, briefly stopping to speak to several children before walking to the counter to order food, passing by unamused onlookers.  Simultaneously, camera crew members can be seen scrambling to capture the event.  The president posed for a quick photo with employees at the gas station before exiting the store.

Users on social media were quick to note how little enthusiasm was seen when Biden entered the store and began greeting people.  Conservative commentator Paul Szypula commented, “81 million votes?” playing off commonly held skepticism that Biden could attain such support but seem so unpopular during his public appearances.

However, contrast Biden’s reception with what is seen nearly every time former President Donald Trump steps out in public.  Trump made headlines when he stopped at an Atlanta Chick-fil-A, where he was swarmed by a crowd of energetic supporters eager to see the GOP frontrunner.

Trump entered the fast food restaurant, ordering 30 milkshakes and “some chicken.”  He also can be heard saying “take care of” the other customers, presumably paying for their meals.  One woman who hugged Trump said, “I don’t care what the media tells you, Mr. Trump. We support you.”

Demonstrating his unmatched charisma yet again, Trump made the news when he visited a Harlem Bodega during the hush money trial.  The bodega was the site where a clerk was charged with murder after acting in self-defense.  Trump visited with the owner and workers at the store, expressing his support for the small business.“

When Trump showed up at the Bodega, he was met with a roaring crowd of supporters, many chanting, “Four more years!”  The enthusiastic crowd is somewhat surprising considering how liberal New York City’s population tends to be.

While Trump was there, he asserted his commitment to law and order, stating, “This is a very exciting time for me because the bodegas association invited me. And I respect them, and they respect me. They want law and order, they have tremendous crime, tremendous crime over there, stores are being robbed.

Trump further explained how New York is “different” and needs to be restored to the glory that it once was, given the recent surge in criminal activity over the past few years. Trump said, “New York’s a lot different. And we’ll work with the mayor. We will work with the governor. And we’ll bring a lot of federal money, but we have to ,straight out New York. And that includes crime.”

Assessing the differences between Donald Trump’s and Joe Biden’s public appearances corroborates the notion that Trump is far more liked by everyday Americans, who are aligned with the Make America Great Again platform.