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People in London Keep Wearing These 7 Autumn Shoe Trends


As autumn’s embrace envelops London, the city’s fashion-forward residents are donning footwear that seamlessly transitions from the last gasps of summer to the crisp chill of the new season. Londoners have mastered the art of fashion adaptation—changeable weather as standard makes this a must—and their shoe game is no exception.

In the realm of autumn footwear, London serves as a veritable of diverse trends, blending timeless classics with contemporary twists. From the well-loved Chelsea boots that never go out of style to the unconventional hybrid creations that push boundaries, there’s a pair of shoes for every style aesthetic going.

In London, autumn shoe trends blur the line between ant-trend and being directional, reflecting a city where fashion is as varied as it comes. So, which shoes are the London style set reaching for in 2023? Scroll on to find out.


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