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16 sensible improvements tackling poverty all over the world


Attending to the foundation of poverty means fixing numerous points alongside the way in which, and inventors are up for the problem.

Poverty is not simply insufficient entry to revenue — it manifests in an absence of entry to well being providers, schooling and very important items. It might additionally result in societal instability, permitting sexism, ableism, classism and racism to flourish. And day by day, innovators create new devices and different options with the world’s poor in thoughts.


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Listed below are 16 ingenious improvements serving to to alleviate poverty-related inequalities for growing areas throughout the globe.

1. The Shoe That Grows

Youngsters are infamous for rapidly outgrowing clothes and sneakers, a lot to the frustration of fogeys who’re always changing hardly-worn gadgets with bigger sizes. Development spurts are particularly a problem in growing nations, the place cash for worn or outgrown gadgets is scarce.

The Shoe That Grows is an easy, adjustable shoe that kids can put on for years, able to increasing 5 sizes by means of a sequence of notches and snaps. The shoe usually suits a baby’s foot from age 5 to 9, serving to to curb foot accidents and circumstances of soil-transmitted ailments and parasites. Created by non-profit Because International, The Shoe That Grows is making an influence in growing areas all over the world the place the nonprofit delivers donated sneakers to kids and households.

2. Life Saving Dot

A promotional photograph of a pack of Life Saving Dots.

Credit score: Life Saving Dot

In rural India, hundreds of girls are estimated to have iodine deficiency, which has been linked to breast most cancers, fibrocystic breast illness, and being pregnant problems. However the Life Saving Dot, an iodine-rich variation on a standard bindi, helps present girls with the very important mineral.

The dot, which is worn between a lady’s eyebrows similar to a bindi, delivers a wearer with the really useful every day quantity of iodine. The Life Saving Dot solely prices 10 rupees — or 12 cents — for a packet of 30, becoming the budgets of girls in rural India.

3. Safari Seat

A man in a SafariSeat, travelling in a rural area.

Credit score: SafariSeat

Wheelchairs are important units for many individuals, however in rural, growing areas with tough terrain and few roads, conventional wheelchairs aren’t at all times sensible — and even usable.

SafariSeat is a low-cost, all-terrain wheelchair designed to be manufactured and maintained in poor nations, making a self-sustaining product. The innovation is fabricated from bicycle components, and the machine is propelled ahead by hand levers and sturdy wheels. Practically 250 SafariSeats have been distributed as of 2023, whereas its maker The Accessibility Institute is on making a cart that may be connected to it.

4. Mazzi

A person holding the Mazzi next to some cows.

Credit score: Mental Ventures

In growing nations, milk is a crucial supply of revenue and diet for poor households. However transporting milk safely and simply with conventional open milk pails comes with spillage, spoilage, and an elevated threat of contamination.

Mazzi, a sturdy, 10-liter plastic container designed with a large mouth for assortment, solves these points by offering a protected and inexpensive method to accumulate and transport milk. The container can be straightforward to scrub, with a specifically designed funnel attachment that helps eradicate spilling.

5. NIFTY Cup

The NIFTY cup in a person's hand.

Credit score: PATH / Patrick McKern

When an toddler in a growing nation is unable to nurse, they’re vulnerable to extreme malnutrition — and even demise. NIFTY cup is fixing this problem in rural areas of Africa.

Developed over 5 years, the NIFTY cup was designed with a spout that makes collected milk straightforward to drink by infants with cleft palates or different associated points that forestall correct latching. The cup, which is reusable and prices solely $1 to create, has already been credited with stopping hunger of infants in poor African communities.

6. Eco-Cooler

Two people installing an Eco-Cooler.


In growing areas with out electrical energy, hovering temperatures can depart huts unbearably scorching. Eco-Cooler, a low-cost cooling system created from recycled plastic bottles, helps clear up the problem by drawing cool air into houses.

The cooler is fabricated from halved plastic bottles on a board, which is then put in like a window. When in place, every bottle’s neck compresses the new breeze, cooling it down and dropping temperatures inside a hut as a lot as 40 levels Fahrenheit.

Rural communities in Bangladesh have applied the environmentally pleasant answer.

7. Fortunate Iron Fish

A Lucky Iron Fish above a pot of boiling water.

Credit score: Fortunate Iron Fish

Iron deficiency is probably the most widespread dietary dysfunction on this planet, affecting an estimated 3.5 billion individuals. It may be particularly devastating in growing nations, the place dietary wants are sometimes unmet. Iron deficiency alone can result in anemia, low vitality, and issue concentrating.

Lucky Iron Fish is an iron, fish-shaped object that households can place in a pot of boiling water previous to cooking to complement greens with further iron. A portion of every sale goes to the corporate’s Affect Fund, permitting people in developed nations to buy their very own fish whereas concurrently contributing towards donating one to a household in want.

8. Embrace Hotter

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Greater than 1 million infants die on the day of their delivery yearly. A staggering 90 p.c of those deaths happen in growing nations, the place hypothermia is a standard reason for demise in untimely and low-weight infants.

Embrace Warmer is basically an toddler sleeping bag, serving to to control a child’s physique temperature throughout their susceptible first days. The award-winning innovation is reusable, low-cost, and requires no electrical energy, making it preferrred for poor communities across the globe. Over 475,000 infants have used the life-saving blanket up to now.


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9. LifeStraw

Two young boys using LifeStraws.

Credit score: LifeStraw

About 2.2 billion individuals — or 28 p.c of the world’s inhabitants — lack access to safely managed sources of drinking water. Consuming contaminated water can result in devastating illness and sickness. It is estimated that each two minutes a baby dies from a water-related illness.

LifeStraw makes consuming contaminated water safer, which generally is a game-changer in poor areas the place water entry is minimal. The straw-like machine makes use of a easy filtration system fabricated from specifically designed fabric to render water protected to drink.

The corporate not solely supplies straws to communities in want for particular person use, but in addition donates larger filtration systems to poor communities across the globe for neighborhood use.

10. The XO Laptop computer

Children sitting in a classroom, using XO Laptops.

Credit score: XO Laptop computer

Training and studying are common needs for immediately’s youth. However poor communities do not at all times have the means to present kids the great schooling they deserve.

The XO Laptop helps to fill that hole. The small, low value pc is extremely sturdy and encompasses a highly effective display that may be learn in harsh daylight. It has built-in wi-fi web so youngsters can connect with data all over the world.

The tech answer is particularly designed for youngsters in growing nations, hoping to present youth entry to self-empowered schooling. XO Laptops have been donated to greater than 3 million kids in a number of nations, equivalent to Peru, Kenya, Nepal, and Afghanistan.

11. Flo

A girl holding a Flo.

Credit score: Mariko Merchandise

Lack of entry to menstrual merchandise has devastating impacts on girls and ladies in growing nations. The lack to deal with menstruation typically retains ladies out of college, with ladies in Kenya lacking a median of four days of school per month due to periods. Improper menstruation sanitation additionally has devastating well being impacts, with reproductive tract infections round 70 percent more common among women with poor menstrual hygiene in India.

Flo, a easy, reusable menstrual hygiene equipment, supplies an answer for girls and ladies in growing nations to care for his or her our bodies. The low-cost equipment contains reusable pads, a wearable pouch to hold them, and a washer-dryer container for improved cleanliness.

12. Wonderbag

A person putting a pot in a Wonderbag.

Credit score: Cathy Menees / YouTube

Cooking meals safely with restricted assets is one thing many poor households in rural areas wrestle with day by day. Utilizing stoves or open fires for lengthy intervals of time with out correct air flow may cause illness and even demise. Yearly, family smoke inhalation from meal preparation contributes to 3.2 million deaths globally.

Wonderbag is a reusable, zero-energy sluggish cooker that drastically cuts down on the time wanted for meals to cook dinner on a range or hearth. As soon as elements are dropped at a boil utilizing conventional strategies, a pot may be positioned in a Wonderbag, the place it continues to cook dinner for as much as 12 hours.

The corporate is distributing the innovation to areas in Africa in addition to to individuals affected by the warfare in Ukraine, serving to households reduce down on cooking occasions in favor of a extra sustainable technique.

13. Hippo Curler

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For poor girls and youngsters in rural areas, accumulating water generally is a bodily demanding — and harmful — process. However the Hippo Roller, a water assortment drum designed to roll alongside tough terrain, is permitting those that accumulate water to take action safely and successfully.

The Hippo Curler lets girls accumulate sufficient water to maintain a household for a full day throughout daytime, when there may be less risk of harassment and sexual violence on the stroll to a water supply. The drum additionally reduces the danger of harm, permitting girls to roll the hefty drum as an alternative of carrying a heavy, smaller pail on their head. Roughly 65,000 rollers have been distributed throughout 56 nations over the previous a number of years.

14. Hemafuse

Hands holding a Hemafuse.

Credit score: YouTube / Hemafuse

In emergency conditions and through childbirth, blood transfusions are sometimes essential to avoid wasting an individual’s life. However in poor nations, entry to a protected, dependable blood provide is comparatively uncommon, resulting in preventable deaths annually.

The Hemafuse, from Sisu International Well being, takes the donation and storage limitations out of blood transfusions, recycling an individual’s personal blood again into their physique. The low-cost machine acts like a big syringe, accumulating blood and filtering it internally to take away clots and different particulates. The blood can then be deposited right into a blood bag, the place it may be pumped again right into a affected person’s physique.

15. The Peepoo Rest room

Several people smiling while holding Peepoo Toilets.

Credit score: The Peepoo Rest room

Round 3.6 billion individuals worldwide lack access to a safe toilet. Managing human waste is a large problem in growing nations, with improper sanitation partially accountable for the unfold of lethal illness. Approximately 484,000 children under five die from diarrhea every year, with poor sanitation being a number one contributing issue.

Placing apart its giggle-inducing title, The PeePoo Toilet is a crucial means for individuals in growing nations to make use of the restroom safely, particularly once they have a contagious illness. The slim, biodegradable bag is utilized by a person within the absence of a bathroom. The bag sanitizes human excrement, turning the contents of the bag into fertilizer in a few month.

The PeePoo Rest room, nevertheless, is a single-use answer, that means it will not be sensible for each time somebody wants to make use of the restroom. Nonetheless, it is offering an revolutionary, protected method to forestall the unfold of illness within the absence of improved sanitation.

16. Jet injections

A jet injector.

Credit score: Pixnio

Vaccines and immunizations are essential in curbing the impacts of ailments and sicknesses all over the world. However safely administering a vaccine in a growing nation may be tough with the complexities of sterilization, particularly in terms of typically misused needles.

Jet injectors assist clear up this drawback, delivering vaccines to sufferers utilizing strain to penetrate the pores and skin, quite than needles. The only-use medical machine administers a vaccine by means of a high quality stream of fluid that passes by means of pores and skin into tissue. The answer is cost-effective and extremely environment friendly, utilizing as much as 80 percent less vaccine than a standard needle injection.

UPDATE: Jul. 24, 2023, 2:56 p.m. AEST This text was initially revealed in Oct. 2016, and has since been up to date in July 2023.


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